Colorful and Artistic Make-up Looks by Anna Meder

If you are here for long, you must have already noticed our love for discovering creatives and Anna Semenova (Meder) is our latest crush. She is a Saint Petersburg-based makeup artist and influencer who creates stunning makeup designs with various materials and mostly uses her hands and face as canvas for her artwork. We found an interview with her where she told about her story, artwork and inspiration. “Since childhood I have had many interests: gymnastics, journalism, fashion design and modeling. I’m a big fan of everything new, so I took on everything at once, but after a long time, I still understood what I want to do and directed all my energy into creativity, or rather experimental makeup. I call myself a madness taster.” she tells about herself. When asked about how she came up with connecting plants and embellishments with creating pieces of art, she replied; “One day I looked at a bouquet of blue chrysanthemums and realized that they would wither soon, but what if they were immortalized? What if we gave them a second life? That’s how my first work with fresh flowers came into being, and then a series of works called “Reborn”. Working with live plants is something sacred to me. I feel united with them. In addition to working with flowers, I like to draw different patterns, which I like to complement with rhinestones, as well as working with different objects to show their volume and shape.” The source of inspiration for such an incredible and extraordinary work wondered us and we found the answer in that interview as follows; “I get the most inspiration from nature and its inhabitants. Our planet is so unique. And coloring animals, the same chameleons or spiders, for example, is one big inspiration! But I’m also very inspired by paintings by artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Malevich and Kandinsky. I often flip through a book with their works and always admire it as if I were looking at something for the first time!”. Her Instagram feed is full of artistic and colorful make up designs each of which fills you with creativity and inspiration. Here you can see some of our favorite ones.