Extraordinary Mousse Cake Design Examples by Ekaterina Krutova

Krasnodar, Russia based Ekaterina Krutova is the name behind these delicious and charming cakes. She is extremely talented at designing cakes tailored to your wishes and she has her unique style. Having followed the will of her heart and soul, she has been into the confectionery world for five years now. She tells her story as follows; “The door to this world was opened by hand-painted gingerbread. And they not just entered my life, they flew in like a whirlwind and everything spun around them! My path as a pastry chef started from 6 m2 and grew to 106 m2. I am an experimenter and practitioner! I love to make beautiful and tasty! Has brought food printing to perfection! I always use and teach only working techniques that I use in my work. I sincerely share my experience and am sincerely glad for your victories!”. With her make Anastasia, the skillful duo support and desire to share their love for the art of confectionery with “Beauty of Taste” project. They decided to shoot a series of Video MK with the most interesting and popular techniques for creating confectionery products. So if you are interested in this kind of edible art, you must follow this event and also their fantastic feed on Instagram. Below we showcase some of her beautiful cake designs for you.