The Wild Beauty Of Morocco – Aurel Paduraru

You can tell that just 1336 followers on Instagram make Aurel Paduraru an extremely underrated photographer. Man who deserves much more recognition had found himself searching through his photographic archives, as the coronavirus crisis grew. The lockdown led him to rediscover ‘some real treasures’. “In times like this, I realize that I should value my travels more and thanks to the archive, I remember those places over and over again,” Aurel shared. The traveler visited Morocco in 2018 and had spent quality time to understand and feel the true vibes of the country. “Every place in this country has its own beauty—from Marrakech to Ait Ben Haddou, from the Sahara Desert to Fez, I found visual stories waiting to be discovered. It’s interesting to see the contrast between the crowded and noisy Marrakech and the loneliness of the desert. Someone asked me once how the desert smells; I’ve never asked myself this, but I think the right answer is: the desert smells exactly how everyone imagines.”

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Sunrise of the Sahara desert

All photo credits: Aurel Paduraru

Photographer/nature lover, Aurel Paduraru took these photos of Morocco in 2018

Market in Marrakech

Due to coronavirus lockdown, he found himself searching through his photographic archives,

Rediscovering these treasures that brought back the memories of the places he had visited

The old ways

Such splendor of colors

Work in a leather factory from Marrakech

Stargazing camels

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