No Dairy, No Gluten & No Refined Sugar Recipes by Julia Trigo

Colorado based Julia Trigo is a vocationally trained cook from Austria, food nerd and lover of fitness. Her goal is to help people achieve complete health and wellbeing by sharing her knowledge of healthy living and clean cooking with fresh and whole foods. Her story as a cook starts with her talented mum and her chronic illness. Let’s read Julia’s story from her; “I have always had a passion for food and cooking growing up because my mum, who is an amazing cook, taught me how to create delicious food. It wasn’t until four years ago when I was diagnosed with the thyroid autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s that I fell in love with clean cooking. This was more or less the beginning of my food journey to heal my gut and regain complete health and control over my own life. In summer 2016 I sought the advice of a holistic hormonal specialist to help me find some answers. One piece of advice she gave me was to leave gluten and dairy out of my diet.” With her culinary background she began experimenting with foods such as vegetables, fruit, healthy fats in the form of coconut, olive, avocados, nuts and seeds, grass-fed/pastured/organic meat and eggs. All the recipes she creates are unprocessed, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. “Here and there I also use gluten free grains and legumes that my stomach does not hate me for such as (brown rice, chickpeas and quinoa).” she says. The mission of her blog; delight.fuel, is to share recipe creations that inspire others to eat healthy, feel good about what they are eating, and most importantly nourish their bodies with delicious, natural food. “Delight in the healing power of food and create beautiful, guilt free dishes to fuel your body!” Here we showcase some of Julia’s both delicious and healthy dishes for you.