Lively Watercolor Paintings by Julia Davila Lampe

Born in Ecuador, currently based in Vienna, Austria, artist Julia Davila Lampe chose watercolor and digital art to express herself and pour her talents. After experiences in Spain, Germany and Scandinavia, she settled in the city of music, history and dreams, every corner of where is full of inspiration. She takes her pallette and gives life to many lively floral compositions and also other imaginative drawings. She also uses her camera talentedly both for capturing her paintings and for creating digital art. “I’m a digital artist who uses photography to sensualize ideas full of colours and textures. My passion is to visualize compositions and to develop concepts in my creations. My main tools are creativity, a professional digital camera, many lenses, tripods, remote control and of course Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom.My work has been used in magazines, brochures and advertising material all around the world.” says Julia Davila Lampe. Below, we showcase some of her beautiful paintings captured by her each of which will definitely amaze you. Take a look at them and remember to share your thoughts with us.

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