Ranking the Top Luxury Sneaker Brands in the World

Luxury sneakers are all the rage right now, and while they were kind of a novelty not too long ago, new brands have now started to flood the market. If you aren’t up to speed with the latest changes in the luxury footwear and streetwear industry, being able to tell the difference between brands that are actually worth it and those that are nothing but hype can be a challenge. But the cream always seems to find its way to the top, and there are some brands that have rightfully gained a reputation for great product and quality over the years. Here’s our ranking of the top luxury sneaker brands in the world.


You simply can’t talk about luxury streetwear without speaking about Gucci. They are responsible for starting the embroidery craze a few years ago and continue to be trendsetters with a combination of classic silhouettes and more daring ones. They’re also seen as the top designer when it comes to luxury sneakers by a mile.

Their top selling Ace low top sneaker in white can be seen everywhere and encapsulates Gucci’s vision when it comes to designing sneakers to a tee. Classic, clean, and iconic, these work in virtually all occasions and are the perfect go to pair either to run errands on a hot summer afternoon or stepping onto the red carpet.

If you want a timeless pair of sneakers that’ll look great even after a few rounds around the block, invest in a new pair of Gucci sneakers. If you’re looking for variety, online retailers like SSENSE have all sorts of Gucci sneakers. They carry a selection of classic low tops and chunky sneakers with the unmistakable Gucci logo or their new snake or butterfly icon. Or a big strawberry in the case of their Off-White Strawberry Rythons!


CQP is a new luxury sneaker brand out of Sweden that has been making waves lately. They mainly concentrate on minimalist silhouettes, and are for streetwear connoisseur with an appreciation for detail and good craftsmanship.

The shoes are designed in their Sweden workshop and assembled by hand in Portugal. If you want to know what they’re all about, we suggest you check out their Tarmac and Racquet collections.


Y3 is the brainchild of streetwear designer extraordinaire Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. If you’re wondering why Adidas has been slowly veering away from the classics towards futuristic street ninja high tech footwear, you can thank Yamamoto for this. He’s the primary reason behind Adidas’s new esthetic, and his influence can be felt in pretty much all of their designs. While it isn’t as prominent as it was a few years ago, they are still known for innovation and managed to maintain a cult following.


The brand that was mostly known for its avant-garde bags is now a staple among street chic fashionistas and “hypebeasts”. But the hype in this case is well deserved as they carried their love of craftsmanship and out of the box vision onto the sneaker industry.

Balenciaga single handedly made dad sneakers cool, and it’s hard not to love them when seeing the amount of detail in shoes like their iconic Triple-S’s or their Pleated High-Tops. Not to mention the superior mesh and nubuck. But Balenciaga is much more than dad shoes though; they also have been experimenting with neoprene blends aimed at performance. One of their latest creations is their Speed trainers, which feature memory foam and advanced shock absorbing technology.


AMI was founded by Alexandre Matussi, who worked for labels like Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Dior. He was then able to use his expertise working in these ateliers to bring his own vision for streetwear and luxury sneakers to the market, which has been a huge success.

Just in a few years, AMI was able to amass a cult following thanks to its respect for classic silhouettes infused with modern materials. Their most notable model is the Lucky 9, which has a leather insole coupled with a neoprene inner sock.

Saint Laurent

Many still automatically think about black boots and tight leather jackets every time someone mentions Yves St Laurent. But the brand has done a lot to rejuvenate itself and stay with the times, and has also reinvented itself into a high-end streetwear brand. The streetwear influence can be seen in all of their collections, and their sneakers are every bit as sophisticated as everything we’ve come to expect from them. St Laurent sneakers are known for their edgy silhouettes, eclectic materials, and sheer decadence.

If you’re looking for the absolute best luxury sneakers on the market, look no further than these brands. They have the perfect mix of style and quality, and will make the perfect addition to any self-respecting fashionista’s closet.

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