Lively Watercolor Animal Paintings by Anna Llorens

Barcelona, Spain based Anna Llorens is a professional illustrator and graduated from the Massana School, Agrupació d’Aquarel and the Vicenç Ballestar Workshop. She is a vegetarian and very fond of animals and nature. She makes incredibly beautiful paintings of still life moments using her unique technique. She says “My passion is to illustrate elements of nature, animals, plants, fruits, etc. contributing to them all my feeling. I prefer my models are placed on my table, but if it is not possible, I work by the help of photos.” Anna is one of the artist that we came across on Instagram whose work can’t be missed. She not only paints talentedly, but also take lovely photos of her artwork. Her feed is full of lively illustrations of animals, flowers and fruits, each of which is photographed with real natural objects, like twigs, leaves and feathers. Now scroll down and feast your eyes with her amazing artwork.

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