5 Easy Steps on How to Use a Cuticle Remover

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It takes a process for you to come up with beautiful nails. It begins with doing a great manicure on your cuticles. Few minutes daily, working on your cuticles will keep them looking awesome. Cuticle removers come in two distinct types. One of them depends on its high level of pH, which breaks down the dead skin within the nail and softens it. Another type of cuticle remover comprises of some acid (alpha hydroxyl) which helps in breaking down some skin cell which causes the skin to be held up together. Normally, a cuticle pusher is used to push out the skin.

It can be so easy to trim your cuticles, especially when you follow instructions. Just remember to repeat the process after a period of time. Below are steps to follow on how to use a cuticle remover

1. Clean your nails.

In case you had any nail polish on your nails, use a nail polish remover to remove it before using a cuticle remover. When it comes to selecting a nail polish remover, go for the acetone-free ones as they have fewer chemicals.

2. Apply cuticle remover.

Using a brush that comes with the cuticle remover, apply the product. It may be in the form of a liquid or a lotion. Many people prefer the lotion version. It’s easier to use, but both of them are very acceptable. When you choose the liquid one, apply a coat of it to the cuticle area, but if you choose the lotion cuticle remover, put it on every cuticle, then spread using your finger.

It will definitely take time to soften the cuticles. You should read the instructions on the bottle, and find out how long you should leave the remover on your cuticles. However, the last time it should stay on is two minutes, and a maximum of ten minutes. After that, clean your hands thoroughly to clean off the entire cuticle remover.

3. Apply cuticle lotion.

The cuticle lotion will help in the addition of moisture to your cuticles, as the skin and nails may have been damaged by the chemicals in the cuticle remover. The cuticle lotion will, therefore, keep the skin around your nails, and the nails healthy and easy to maintain.

4. Use an orange stick or a cuticle pusher.

During this process, the cuticle remover may get rid of the cuticles, and all you need is either an orange stick or a cuticle pusher to make the work done. In this case, if you have thick cuticles, you’ll be required to use a cuticle pusher, and shove off the cuticles backward towards the nail bed.

On the other hand, if your cuticles are thin, an orange stick will help you do that.

5. Remove excess cuticle.

You’ll use manicure scissors to get rid of the excess cuticles that are standing up. While using the manicure scissors, be careful not to hurt your skin.

The Bottom Line

As a person, you have to make a choice on which type of cuticle remover you use, based on whether you experience any allergic reactions or not. We all want to have beautiful and clean hands, and that starts with excellent nail care. Remember to apply oil to the nail bed after all the process to keep them moisturized and beautiful.

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