Unique and Romantic Wedding Photoshoot Examples by Konstantinos & Sofia Pashali

Konstantinos and Sofia Pashali are a photographer couple specialized in wedding photography and they live in Athens, Greece. After years of experience in travel photography and interviews, in cooperation with magazines and exhibition galleries, they realized that they love working in the field of marriage. Besides their passion for photography, they love travelling and people and wedding photography enables them to travel worldwide. They say; “Our dream remains to explore the world, different cultures and love stories. The picture for us is the traces and the proof of our existence. One diary of life with pictures.” They also add; “That’s why at every wedding we become your personal biographers of your most important day. Our images reflect a special sense of reality which is both impressive as the light plays with the shadow, and ashtonishingly pure in feelings our protagonists. So our picture are not unidimensional, but simple, unique and romantic, as the wedding itself, like a «true piece of art»!” If you are planning your wedding and looking for a photographer or just need some inspiration for your own photoshoot, you must see their impressive images. Just scroll down and let us know your favourite ones!