Spectacular Female Portraits by Frank Jurisch

Frank Jurisch is a talented photographer based in Oberhausen, Germany. He has an amazing feed on Instagram with 10k followers and we stumbled upon him there. Photographing people to capture them in a special picture is his great passion and appearantly, he is extraordinarily skilled in it. When asked how he took up photography; he replied; “I think I remember that when my son was born I wanted a better camera. My first DSLR camera was introduced to document my son’s career. Over the years photography has turned into a passion.”, he also states about his current profession; “I now run a photo studio in Oberhausen, take commercial photographs and organize many workshops and coaching sessions. Nevertheless, I am also available for free work.” He absolutely knows how to blend creativity and imagination to create the best composition. From lightning to edit and everything in between is in one word stunning in all his images. Some of his portraits solely stand out with the way he uses contrasts and captivate people at first glance. We’ve selected some of his impressive portraits for you today. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.