Kids from Children’s Hospital in San Francisco had an Unexpected Visit from Superheroes

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco prepared an awesome surprise for their little patients. It was a day for the windows to be washed, not so interesting for children, right? But, what if the window washers were superheros? Well, that is a great plot twist. These brave men, who are hanging from ropes every day in order to clean every window of the tallest buildings, dressed up as Marvel avengers, DC Universe characters, and many more iconic crime fighters. They wanted to surprise and cheer up these true little superheroes, who are fighting the most important fight of all. And they succeeded. Out of the blue these unfortunate children saw their favorite superheros “flying” beside their windows, smiling back at them. After the work has been completed, Iron Man, Batman and the rest of the company visited the children in their rooms and lifted their spirits. The mighty Tor tried to help a little girl to build something out of toys, Iron Man was all over the place giving everyone fist bumps and I don’t think no one was able to see Flash. Hulk didn’t smash anything and that shows great this visit was. These remarkable men managed to bring back smiles on the children’s faces, and that is the most important thing of all. Look how it all happened here bellow.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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