Every October Amanda Chapman Prepares “31 days of Halloween” for Her Family

Today is Halloween, and in this specific holiday spirit we have a heartwarming story to tell. Amanda Chapman is a photographer who was always inspired by and fascinated by Halloween. Every year she prepared something special for her family. But one year, more precisely in August of 2012, her husband discovered that he has cancer. With two children to take care of, Amanda’s world started to crumble around her, but she knew she had to stay strong for her husband and children. Even though she was terrified inside, she decided that the family needed something to cheer them up. And so, on September 30, Amanda decided to prepare for them “The 31 Days of Halloween”. That was a project that required her to dress up as different character from her favorite stories every day and take a photo of herself. Amanda did a masterful job with the costumes, and she did it all by herself, without any training. “I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials, and I also studied a lot of behind-the-scenes photos of the actual films that the characters are in, and seeing what techniques they used”, says Amanda. This supermom had a little bit of help after all during this project. But not regarding costumes or makeup. Her daughter helped her with photographing the whole process. Since that 2012, this project is taking place every year before Halloween in Chapman’s home. Her husband is still fighting the biggest fight of his life, and we are all hoping that he is going to pull through. Bellow you can see some of the best costumes Amanda prepared over these 3 years. Some of them are from Tim Burton movies, and marvelous series such as The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. For this year, Amanda paid tribute to the scary movie “The Babadook”.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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