Intriguing Conceptual Photography by Sina Domke

Hamburg, Germany based photographer Sina Domke, better known as Sturmideenkind on Instagram, creates stunning examples for fine art and conceptual photography. She has a creative imagination and brings her visions to life using her camera. She skillfully takes us to a mystical world where she redefines the terms freedom and loneliness in her own unique way. In one of her interviews, she says “For my daily work, I travel a lot in the city and surrounded by camera, computer and Co. In doing so, I consciously use landscapes that recall dream worlds and convey the feeling of freedom. Although my work is done using electronic devices, I can immerse myself in natural haunts that I create according to my ideas.” When asked about the composing process, she replies, “I photograph as much as possible on site, only exchange minor details such as the hair of the model or trees in the landscape to create the perfect picture.” Now, take a cup of coffee and enjoy Sina’s photo compositions that reveal the fantasy world of her imagination.

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