Inspirational Wedding Photography Examples by Max Burnett

“Experiences are what define us. I’m here to capture them.” The UK based photographer Max Burnett welcomes his followers with these words on Instagram. He has captured more than 150 wedding until now and had his fair share of experience for creating beautiful images.”Photographically, I like to place myself in and amongst the action, making sure that I don’t miss a moment and capture it from a point-of-view angle. I’ve learnt to do this subtly by letting the events unfold as they would naturally and waiting for the perfect moment, leaving you with timeless memories.” he explains his perspective for wedding photography. He has a superpower for becoming invisible among the crowd to shoot natural portraits. “I dress to impress, become one of the crowd, and people genuinely think that I’m a guest. It’s from this angle that I love to capture weddings. Not only do I blend in, but throughout the day I mingle and chat to people which gains trust and appreciation for the work that I’m doing.”, he states on his blog, adding that; “Once trust is built, it’s from this very small and special place that I can capture how the day really felt.” We have rounded up some of his best captures for you. We believe that you’ll find it extremely impressive.