Lively Eclectic and Bohemian Home Interior Design by Sarisa Munoz

Oklahoma City based creative Sarisa Munoz is the name behind this gorgeously designed eclectic bohemian home. They moved this home in October and started her IG account to share their interior styling story. With her husband, she renovated this lovely place and they still have some parts getting fixed. We got extremely curious about their renovation adventure and their secrets behind this process and luckily found an interview they had with Hunker. The color palette and the patterns are the most eye-catching features of Sarisa’s home. When asked for tips for such a style, she replied as follows; “I know people get scared of color, but it really isn’t that hard to integrate color or pattern into your home. Start small with a pillow or art piece and build from there. It’s taken me a lot of experimentation, but it’s not one size fits all! Just do what you are comfortable with!”. Another charming characteristic is undoubtedly the accessories and how they layered the place. About this point she told this in the interview; “I love to antique, vintage, and thrift shop. I think mixing my “treasures” with a little modern decor accomplishes a unique and collected look. Layering the floors with rugs [and] the furniture with pillows and throws also helps bring a cozy vibe.” We have composed hundreds of articles and presented our readers with loads of home interior designs in unique styles, but this one will surely have its special place among the others. Take a look at the photos and let us know whether you agree with us or not.