Extraordinary Ink Art Designs by Ana Abrahão

Brasilian ink-artist Ana Abrahão was born and lived in the countryside of the small mining town of Paracatu. Their house was very close to a gas station where she was able to observe people passed by and she travelled with them which gave wings to her imagination and subjectivity. “The road is something that fascinates, which both enchants and seduces. The curves, the lines, the points, everything makes the mind seek to draw its history, where imagination, hand in hand with subjectivity, dictates the course of its path.” Ana states in her blog. On Sundays, her family used to attend religious ceremony and Ana stood under the shade of a tree watching the tile panel of artist Athos Bulcão, and allowed herself dive into the new shapes and colors of his exceptional art. At the age of 17, she attended the IDA Fine Arts course, which was substantial and decisive for its development and artistic improvement. Ana Abrahão slowly realized human skin is the best canvas for her art and regards the tattoo as the most complete way to express her imaginary world. Her tattoo designs look like visual stories which make you stop, have a detailed look and think over it. It is clear that she is very talented at turning your personal memories into permanent art pieces on your skin. We handpicked our favourite tattoo designs of Ana Abrahão for you. Take a look at them and never hesitate to comment about her extraordinary artwork.

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