Ingenious Designer Shares Tips for Living Life In Style

Randi Garrett loves design and entertaining and her ambition is to inspire people to design a home that creates a haven from the hustle and bustle of life, a place where you can enjoy your time with your family and beloved ones. “Your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look amazing. You can throw fabulous parties that don’t break the bank. You can have a home that inspires you and brings you happiness and fulfillment, I’ll show you how!” she states on her blog, which is an outlet of her creative mind. She has a big family and they have been living in their current home for almost 12 years but nowadays, they are busy with building their new house, The New Garrett Residence and they are extremely excited to plan every detail about it. As Randi explains; “I’ve laid in bed, with my mind racing so many nights! Simply trying to figure how to make a room or wall work. How to add more character to a certain space? What exterior paint colors to use? The list goes on! We have only just begun in the design decision process, but I am learning to enjoy the journey!” She has a glam-chic style which is expressed in using pastel tones allover, placing antique looking china and flowers lots of flowers in every corner of her place. If you are a fan of French country style, you’ll surely love her style and get inspired by her tips for how to decorate your home in this style on budget. Here are some photos showcasing her interior.