Charming Home Interior Designs by Studio ArquitetURAS

Located in the Jardins region, in São Paulo, Brazil, Studio ArquitetURAS is a family business founded by and named after Luciana Uras. She was formerly a lawyer but left her job to dedicate herself to her passion and true vocation, studying Architecture and Urbanism at FAAP. The studio focuses on architecture, interior design, decoration and visual communication. Their work style is explained on their website as follows; “With personalized, exclusive and very personal projects, she builds dynamic, contemporary and assertive spaces and in some cases she complements her graffiti on the walls of her clients.” What we’ve found impressive in their work is their selection of colours by the help of which they express the most captivating parts of the place successfully. Sometimes they use flashy colors like a light fixture, sometimes they paint one wall in a dark tone and hang up a graffity to take all the attention to that art piece only. All in all, we must confess that their projects in one word inspirational and bring fresh breee to the world of architechture. Just see them by yourself and remember to share your ideas with us.