Incredibly Adorable Miniature Art by Fanni Kovács Sándor

Fanni Kovács Sándor is a 37-year-old biologist. With her love for miniature things ever since her childhood, she took up this art professionally. She made her first miniature piece when she was seven years old and she turned a shoe box into a doll house. Then she saw 1:12 scale miniatures ten years ago on the internet, and it was love at the first sight for her. She tells the rest of her story as follows, “So after that I started to try to make my own miniatures, and after a few years I become a professional miniaturist. My first exhibited 1:12 scale miniature work was a shadowbox called “Queen Elizabeth’s kitchen.” It was the beginning of my professional miniaturist life. Nowadays I mostly make birds, insects, and small mammals, but I used to make accessories and art dolls. With my dolls I won second prize, three times, in an international doll exhibition and doll-making competition in Hungary.” As a biologist, nature -based subjects inspire her the most. All of Fanni’s works are hand sculpted from polymer clay without the use of any mould and each piece is one of a kind. Besides making miniatures, she loves to take trips in the nature, cooking, painting, drawing and sculpting. Below, we showcase some of Fanni’s ridiculously brillant art pieces. Take a look at them and remember to share this cuteness with your friends.

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