Chinese Ink Artist Designs Impressive Floral Tattoos

Talented tattoo artist Jing loves travelling around the world. She is a true nature-lover and a mom of a Bengal cat, named Dogy. She creatively designs artful tattoos and especially very good at floral and minimalist ones as well as the cover up tattoos. When asked about her story, she tells as follows; “4 years ago when I was in Mt. Rigi, Switzerland, I had no idea for my future plans. All I know was I’ll finish my study in Europe soon, and I would go back to China: maybe I would become a designer, or an art teacher opened a studio. Last year, when I was in the USA, I met my Shifu. He asked me to think about it seriously: if I really wanna became a professional tattoo artist. Then I spend a weekend without signal in nature. The final answer is: YES. My journey just started. I’ve a big vision for my future. Let’s impress the world together!”. Below, you can see some of her artful tattoo designs and you can follow her on Instagram for more. You will surely fall in love with her exceptional ink art.

“Let’s be wildflowers, let our souls be scattered by the wind.”

“She’s a wildflower bravely growing wild and free.”

“Let us live like flowers wild, beautiful, and drenched in Sun.”

“You belong among the wildflowers.”

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

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