Impressive Underwater Photography by Rekha Garton

Based very close to London, photographer Rekha Garton has 10 years experience behind the camera. She has primarily been making photographs for book covers, to which she has over 700 published for authors including Jo Nesbo, Nicholas Sparks, Judy Blume, Robert Ludlum and many many more. “This path was wonderful and provided me with those essential skills of learning where and how to leave copy space for designers and even more so; to weave an entire story from one photo. A way to intrigue the viewer, to catch their eye in a book shop or even online mimics itself so well in unit stills photography. This is my advantage.” she states in her website. Recently she has transitioned into Unit Stills Photography and continues her career there. Besides capturing book covers, she has spent years on underwater photography. She says; “I’m a strong swimmer and have a good knack for directing talent underwater for specials and gallery shots. Years of working with models underwater for two hour periods I’ve found some of the best poses and ways of communicating about what is needed and wanted, albeit sometimes literally showing them what I mean.” She has the best and extremely impressive examples of underwater photography on her Instagram feed each of which we fell in love immediately. Here you can see some of the most captivating ones that we have selected for you.