Pearls of Wisdom: Female Fashion Advice for 2020

If you are sick and tired of the daily conundrum of “I have nothing to wear”, then brace yourself for this year’s fashion trends and advice. 2020 is all about new inspirations and fashion tips. Fashion weeks this year had endless new looks and styles. Still, it’s a bit hard to wave goodbye to every fashion trend of 2019. Some of our favorites are still sticking around this year.

If you are confused about what to keep and what needs to be thrown away, here are some “pearls of wisdom” when it comes to fashion tips for 2020.

Pearls Are the New “It” Gemstone

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then pearls are her true love. They have a unique aesthetic to them that is different from other gems. They bling instead of sparkle.

Pearls are considered to be one of the oldest gems in history. Since they go back to ancient times, it’s almost impossible to track down the first person who discovered them. It’s not surprising that pearls found their way into modern fashion, especially with its ancient connection to many different civilizations across thousands of years. History aside, it’s hard not to look good with pearls. But fashion trends constantly change, and what looked perfect a few years ago is now considered great but outdated.

The gem fashion is cyclical just as the clothes fashion, so it’s not that surprising to find pearls back as a trend in earrings, necklaces, hair clips, etc. Even though they never went away, pearls were a little less popular than they used to be in the past few years. Fashion gurus at stated that the visual appeal of pearls alongside its historical significance makes them a very elegant gem that can take on different forms throughout different trends. It’s easy to pair pearls with almost every other gemstone and gold designs.

It’s Time to Ditch the Matchy-Matchy Look

It’s time to say goodbye to the color-coordinated look. After reaching its height, it’s rather considered now a boring ideology in 2020. It had its time, but now it’s time to go. Playing with attractive and pulling off, clashing colors are more favorable this season. You don’t need to stick to the same color from head-to-toe and you don’t have to overthink the perfect color combinations that usually go well together. This year’s trend wasn’t limited to only trying opposite shades from the color chart such as the traditional combo of white and black. Try to mix colorful articles of clothing, even if you think that they don’t look good together. What’s new this season is dressing like a street style star, so try different outfits to pull it off.

Red Can and Will Always Fix Everything

This fashion tip has been consistent for years now, and 2020 isn’t the time to change it. When in doubt, you should always go with red lipstick, or pair your outfit with red. While vintage and hot red are timeless, still, you don’t have to stick to classic red. On the contrary, fashion shows have been trying to destroy everything we have ever gotten used to this year. Try pairing your outfits with a diverse range of red and the results will amaze you. It’s a life-saving color for whenever you are stuck and can’t think of a perfect color combo. This color can instantly give your outfit and your confidence a huge boost.

Prints aren’t Going Anywhere

2019 and 2020 run away shows were drowning in different animal prints. You don’t have to stick to tiger or zebra prints. The fashion week was full of outfits with panther print, snakeskin, cow conceals, deer shroud, and even crocodile print. However, these aren’t the only prints that are trending. Illustrations ranked as number one with a percentage of 27% of new printed entries in 2020 fashion. Florals were 15%, followed by stripes with 12%.

With prints, you need to be careful with balancing proportions as they can easily make or break your outfit. Choosing the right print has the power to make you look slimmer or more on the hefty side. So, it’s important to choose your print wisely.

Most of the fashion trends this year are a combination of new crazy ideas that most people would never dare to experiment with, and our favorites from the past. Not only from 2019 but from the ’90s and the ’70s as well. Fashion sheds light on our individualism. It’s one of the most artistic ways we get to express ourselves. Most people consider their fashion style as a mirror to their true personality, so make sure to try out different tips and styles until you find the perfect outfits for your taste.