How to Take Stunning Photos With Your Coffee?

You can never have a terrible coffee photo! But there are many different ways how to improve and create a stunning photo of your coffee out of a few changes and some #socialmedia tips here and there. If you’re an Instagram person, you’ve definitely seen the cafe lifestyle photography that has quickly spread on the platform so quickly. The thing is, its something so simple, but it gives this peaceful vibe of coffee, relaxing place and mornings. There’s always something worth taking a picture of when it comes to coffee! From the actual machine to the barista and the coffee cup, you can always come out with some deep and expressive pictures for your Instagram!

Read on to know how to take great pictures with your coffee.

1. Bring in Some Props
Props actually help you light up the picture in many ways. It creates more emphasis on a theme you may have in mind! Don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of bringing props; you can actually use around the props they have on the table or in the coffee shop. Just make sure you add things that add interest in the scene and helps shape the emotion you’re trying to translate in your photo. Don’t use unrelated props though, as it could be overdone and feel out of place. You can make props out of coffee beans! Find out more here on the best coffee beans out there for this year!

2. Don’t Take Pictures of The Coffee Mug Only
You don’t have to take the usual coffee cup photo. Stunning photos can be taken all around the coffee place, the machine that makes it, the people that make it, the architecture of the place. Keep an eye for vintage coffee shops; they have it all. An old coffee grinder looks great in a dark setting. Look around for a Moka pot if you prefer modern themes with a touch of minimalist look!

3. Shoot Near a Window
Natural light is really important, especially if you’re going for mobile photography! It’s actually the best filter you can have, providing soft and beautiful lighting for the scenery. However, if you’re keen on creating a more dull mood to your pictures, look for a darker interior cafe. White-designed cafes reflect the light back on the subjects on the table, resulting in more light around, whilst darker designed cafes have moodier lighting and dark interiors that don’t reflect light back.

#CoffeePhotography is Simple & Tasty!

Coffee has so much ease to it; it can take you anywhere with it! Take this opportunity and create the pictures that reflect your taste and theme inspirations. Taking more pictures will help you create even better ones later on, the more you take pictures and get exposed to different coffee shops and coffee designs, the more you’ll be able to improve your pictures alone. Make sure you stay by the natural light and go out for pictures either early in the morning or late afternoon. Make use of the coffeehouse as a whole, not just your drink and if you can bring in some props, bring them in your next Instagram coffee photo!

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