Five Tips on How to Keep Your Pub Clean

Pubs and bars have time in memorial of bringing people together. They are a haven for some people after a busy day at work. To others, they are a place where they come to drain their sorrow. Despite their reasons, none of them would like to drink in a dirty pub.

Imagine taking a sip of your favorite drink only to realize the glass is dirty, or entering the pub and finding flies all over the place. A clean pub pulls in clientele. People are likely to give you a good review when you offer clean and best services. It also prevents the consumption of hazardous drinks and food. A clean pub also ensures you stay on the right side of the law and avoid closure.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep your pub clean:

Develop a regular schedule.

Planning is essential in ensuring that tasks are done excellently. Without a cleaning schedule in place, one is likely to forget to clean a particular area. You can have a daily, weekly, or monthly plan, depending on the pub you have.

Generally, it’s essential to clean daily to maintain a high cleanliness standard. Some tasks like cleaning water in the glass-washing sinks behind the bar, changing sanitizer water, clearing dirty dishes from the table and bar top, and wiping down the bar tops, tables, and seats need to be done several times in each shift.

Clean as you go.

Cleaning as you go means that you develop a habit of cleaning messes immediately. This means you’ll need to regularly clean glasses as soon as they are collected, wipe spills, clean after muddy footprints, etc.

One easy clean as you go habit is to mop the pub floors periodically. You can also allocate workers to different working stations to ensure all areas of the pub remain clean.

Get rid of bad smells.

Bad smells aren’t suitable for business. Always empty the trash regularly. You also need to clean the washroom areas periodically, depending on the number of customers.

It’s important to keep exhaust fans at different places in the pub, so that the air is adequately ventilated. You can also use aerosol fresheners to help control smells in your pub. However, organic fresheners would be preferable since the chemicals and edibles in aerosols aren’t so friendly to the health of the customers.

Think about employees’ hygiene.

You can’t have a clean facility if your workers aren’t following proper hygiene practices. Always ensure that employees wash their hands before handling food and drinks in your facility. Have them use sanitizers before handling foods or beverages. They should also be cleanly dressed from head to toe.

Employee hygiene helps avoid cross contamination in the facility. Remember, a clean facility will keep the employees’ and customers’ morale high.

Get help from professionals.

You can ask for professional help if you find it hard to keep the facility clean. Hiring professional hotel cleaners has its perks. And for restaurant cleaning visit CHOR Services. It takes off the pressure and workload of cleaning up. It also ensures your facility meets the cleaning standards required by authorities.