How to Photograph Your Home To Make It Sell Quicker

Some essential tips for photographing your home ready for a quick sale, and how to find a cash buyer for your home using the power of effective photography.

Make sure it’s clean and tidy first

It might sound like stating the obvious, but make sure your home is immaculate before taking photographs – or at the very least the parts that will be in shot are. You might not think it matters too much until the actual viewings, but remember that this is the first impression most buyers will have of your home, and it’s make or break as to whether they’ll actually want to see it in person.

● First and foremost, declutter! You might not notice it anymore, but the pile of magazines and children’s toys next to your sofa is very, very noticeable to a keen eye. You don’t want to take away from the space you have with unnecessary items that don’t contribute anything aesthetically.

● Clean up. A deep clean will make your home look newer and more appealing. You might not think it, but dusty surfaces and marked floors WILL show up on camera.

Set the scene

Yes, you’ll want to declutter and make your home look as showroom-like as possible, but at the same time, remember you’re selling a home and to show the purpose that each room serves. Get your home photoshoot ready with a checklist:

● Move your furniture if need be. Try not to think about where you personally like things to be, but rather how to show off the space to its full potential. Feng shui isn’t for everybody, but

it’s certainly agreeable that the placement of your furniture will balance the aesthetic of the room and show off it’s space at the very least, particularly on photographs.

● Add some fresh flowers and make sure you get them in shot. They breathe life into a room and this will come through on your shots.

● Move all bins out of sight. Necessary, but again not exactly aesthetic.

● Hide any fridge magnets/novelty decor. They’re fun and personal to you, but for an outsider’s eye they may appear tacky and take away from the potential of your home.

● A full fruit bowl of fresh produce adds to a kitchen.

● Remove any tattered, old throws from your sofa and plump up the cushions that are already there. Make sure the cushion covers are clean and compliment the room.

● Set the dining room table, as if you’re having a dinner party.

● If you have a wood or tiled floor – make sure you show it off! Remove any rugs that hide it.

● Make sure the bed is made to hotel standard, and that the fresh bedding compliments the bedroom.

● Shut all doors and wardrobes. This also applies for cupboard doors.

● Close your shower curtain.

● Remove all toiletries and toilet roll from shot.

● Arrange towels neatly and ensure they’re folded if they’re in shot. Also make sure they’re a colour that is picked to directly compliment the bathroom.

Use a tripod

● This is to ensure stability when photographing.

● It will also prevent any blurry or shaky shots being taken.

● This will allow you to get the angles you desire, without you having to strain in the process.


The most essential tip we can give you in terms of photography and how to find a cash buyer for your home is to utilise natural light in your photographs. A service like make a judgement on a property when they buy for cash based on a valuation carried out by a RICS surveyor. The right lighting is crucial for getting the best shots of your home when it comes to selling quickly and convincing a surveyor of the price your home could achieve.

● It’s not everyone’s idea of fun, but the best lighting you’re going to get for outdoor shots will be at dawn on a bright morning. .

● Not just for the outside, but for the inside too. Shoot on a bright day. Open your curtains, and embrace the natural light coming in.

● Even if it’s already bright, turning on all of your interior lighting will give the best possible effect, however ensure all of your bulbs are bright and in good working order for good results. This will really give your home that showroom feel.

Image enhancement

We’re not all photoshop professionals, but living in the age of technology has made it possible for all of us to easily enhance our images.

● It’s nothing complex. Instagram and other free applications have made it accessible for everybody to edit their photos at ease.

● It can really give already well shot images, a boost. Be careful not to over-edit, you don’t want your home to look like a cartoon, but using a brightener and a touch of saturation can really enhance the colours and qualities in your home.

Remember, above all, that first impressions count. Good photographs and bad photographs can be the difference between a buyer being interested or not, so make them a priority.

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