How to Have the Perfect Prom Night: A Complete Prom Guide


Are you getting ready to attend your first prom and want to make sure it’s perfect? Click here for a complete prom guide that’ll ensure an amazing night!


Every high school student looks forward to prom night because it is a time to celebrate the end of high school and the transition to college. It is important to follow a reliable prom guide that will help you have the perfect night. Keep reading to learn all of the tips to ensure you have an amazing night!

Prom Dress

First things first, you want to make sure you find a prom dress that you absolutely love. Do not leave dress shopping for the last minute because you will regret it and stress yourself out unnecessarily. Places like Jovani evening dresses will help you find the perfect dress that will make you feel like a star. The reason you do not want to wait until the month of prom is that you might need to have your dress tailored. This is typically not a 24-hour turnaround time and once it is tailored you want to make sure it does indeed fit. Start your dress shopping at least three months before prom night and you should be on the safe side.

Prom Accessories

Once you have your dress picked out you can shop for the perfect accessories to match your dress. You can choose your shoes, jewelry, and bag or clutch. Also, think about your hair if you will need any accessories such as tiaras or clips.


Decide whether you are going to go to a salon or do your prom hair yourself. If you decide to go to a salon make sure that you take the time to research the salons around you and make an appointment. You do not want to be left without an appointment because salons tend to be busier around prom season. If you decide to do your hair yourself there are plenty of options that are not super complicated. You can have your hair down and flowy if you decide that pinned up or braided is not for you. Put some curls in it and flow with it.


You can also opt for a braided style (either straight back or a side braid) if you know how to braid hair with style. You can also pin your hair up if you choose after putting some curls in grab some bobby pins and give yourself an updo. If you will be doing your own hair make sure to have a trial run ahead of time so that you are not stressed out the day of.

Makeup and Nails

Do not forget about nails and makeup. Typically you get so caught up in hair and the dress that you might forget about your nails. Make your appointment to the local nail salon to make sure that you have your mani-pedi done. It’s probably best to do this the night before prom to ensure you have fresh polish. You can’t go wrong with a neutral color, it will look classy and won’t take away from your dress.


As far as makeup goes make sure to practice your makeup style at least a week before to know exactly what you want to do, if you are doing your own makeup. Remember to use a matte base and something that will be anti-sweat to make sure that you do not get shiny throughout the night. If you do not want to do your own makeup you can look up local places like Ulta, JCPenny’s, etc that charge a minimal fee or sometimes free if you buy something, to have their makeup artists take care of your makeup for that night.


You do not want to forget about how you will be getting to and from the prom venue. Do you want a limo, drive with friends, drive yourself, or have a parent drive you? This is a decision you want to make ahead of time as well. If you opt for a limo you will want to find a company ahead of time that you can reserve. A limo is a great way to arrive in style and enjoy the ride to prom. You can ask other friends if they want to chip and ride in style with you.

Your Date

This is another big decision you will have to make. If you are already in a relationship then more than likely you will take your partner, but if you are single ready to mingle you typically have more options. You can choose to ask someone to be your date, you can attend solo, or go with other solo friends as a prom squad.

The point is to go with people that you will have fun with, and enjoy being around. Going with friends can make it more exciting because you can go shopping together, coordinate colors if you want, and help each other with all the pre-prom planning. It will be an experience that you will remember for years to come and long after prom is over.


Now that you have all the tips from our prom guide above you can start having fun planning out your perfect prom night. The important thing to remember is to have fun and be safe on prom night itself.

There have been cases of substance abuse and sexual abuse on prom night that could have been avoided if the teenager had been alert and not under the influence. Do not attempt to drink and drive because you will be breaking multiple laws. Trust us this will not be worth it, and the point of prom is to enjoy the night.



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