7 Wedding Photography Trends To Obsess Over in 2020

As your big day approaches, you’ll only want the best shots that will capture the perfect moments of your wedding. With so many wedding photography trends to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. But no worries, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to get inspired by these latest wedding photography trends below.

1.            Engagement Photos

Most couples, including celebrities, have their pre-wedding photos taken nowadays. Let your friends and family know about your wedding by sharing your prenuptial photos. The great thing about having a prenuptial shoot is that it has its own theme, which can be completely different from your chosen wedding theme; you can get as creative as you want. It also helps you get to know your photographer early on and know how he or she works. It’s recommended you select your ideal photographer with a guide or a step-by-step process since choosing can be difficult when it comes to hiring the right photographers. There are often a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes to wedding photography, so make sure that you do your research well and correspond regularly with the photographer. When hiring a team of photographers, take into consideration their previous work and expertise. Having that laid out would ensure you get consistent quality wedding photos that you’ll treasure forever.


Ditching the usual wedding invites? If you want to be a little extra, save the date wedding, photos, and videos are worth a try. Most wedding photography companies offer this kind of service to the modern bride and groom. It can be inspired by your favorite film or the story of how you and your fiancé met; the sky’s the limit!

2.            Drone Shots

Are you having a destination wedding? Drone wedding photography would be the perfect way to capture the moment. For dramatic aerial shots and a beautiful bird’s eye view of your wedding ceremony, a drone can help you with that. However, you have to check the legalities of using a drone in your wedding venue before you opt for this type of wedding photography. The weather forecast on your wedding date should also be taken into account.

3.            Hiring Multiple Photographers

Can you imagine watching your favorite movie shot in only one angle? Probably not. It’s the same with your wedding, especially if you’re throwing a really big party. Having multiple photographers allows you to have the most beautiful moments captured at different angles. Also, you need to discuss with your photographers about what kind of shots you expect to get.

4.            Hashtags and Photo Booths

As social media get more popular each day, so does wedding hashtags and photo booths! Why wait for the next day when you can have your wedding photos printed out in an instant? Photo booths now have a touchscreen and integrated features that allow your guests to upload photos on Instagram with your wedding hashtag, and have them printed out right away. Now that’s a fun and interactive way to get memorable photos for your wedding album.

5.            Selfie Station

If you don’t want to splurge on a photo booth, a great alternative would be a selfie station for your guest. A selfie station is a decorated area in your wedding venue where guest can take their selfies. Simply put, it is a DIY photo booth without walls! You can leave an instant camera with an extra pack of film in your selfie station, or you can set up a tablet or iPad with a photo-sharing app that allows your guests to upload their selfies on your online wedding album.

6.            Documentary Style

Posed and formal photos are so old school. The biggest trend nowadays when it comes to wedding photography would be reportage or documentary style. This kind of photography allows photographers to capture raw and genuine emotions of you and your guests as you tie the knot; more and more couples prefer to have a relaxed and candid atmosphere. If you want a more authentic feel to your wedding photos, consulting your photographer with this kind of style would be the best way to go.

7.            360-degree Photography

A perfect way to capture moments that would let you relive them long after your wedding day is over would be 360-degree photography or panoramic shots. 360-degree photography can be accessed through smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is perfect if you want to share your photos with loved ones who could not make it on your wedding day.



There are countless wedding photography gimmicks that you can try nowadays. All of these trends have only one goal anyway: to preserve precious moments. When it comes to wedding photography trends, everything should always be based on your budget and the personal preference of you and your partner.


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