How Embroidery & Screen Printing Can Add Spark To Your Business

Nowadays, modern businesses are getting more competitive globally. In turn, it opens a massive wave of change in marketing. As wide as it has been ever since, the birth of newer and more strategic marketing campaigns is getting mainstream. Thus, businesses must take a closer look in assessing which marketing promotion is more effective. Needless to say, traditional marketing is still as effective as ever. From TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, and merchandise prints, it might surprise you at how potent they remain to be.

Furthermore, brand promotion using a merchandise with screen prints and embroidery remain up and running, maintaining its efficacy as a tactic to reach out to the masses. Despite financial limitations, institutions and businesses can still generate brand awareness using this method. If you know your target market and you want to easily reach out to them, then it’s time to distribute some promotional items in the form of embroidery and screen printing made from Portland Embroidery if you live in Oregon.

In this article, you’ll learn how this conventional marketing tactic can add more spark to your business. Since it’s a feasible way to advertise, it’s not a surprise why it’s been used for brand promotion.

Embroidery And Screen Printing

Ever since innovative tactics work and garner more attention, t-shirt advertising is currently getting more useful than ever. So, if you already have a creative idea in mind, the next question is how will your promotional products obtain the best quality of prints on them? Also, you might want to ask which decoration method is most suitable for your products.

Before you design which one to go for, let’s take a closer look at each technique and its merits.


Embroidery involves a process by which threads are stitched directly into the fabric. The stitching process is automated and usually performed by computerized embroidery machines, ensuring no flaws and errors. These machines have about 12 sewing heads, and each head has an attachment of 15 needles. Your business logo can use up to 15 colors of thread, so it’ll look as vibrant and colorful as you wish.

The primary step for the embroidering process is digitizing, in which your logo will be programmed. Experts will create a logo file, which will then be uploaded to the embroidery machine, and automatically instructs the device about the design.

Screen Printing

The second method for apparel design is screen printing. This is where your logo is reproduced through inks derived from the mesh screens, and they’re quickly stamped right into your garments. Separate mesh screens are necessary for different colors of your logo. And, take note that it would cost more to have a colorful design, rather than a unicolor one.

Like embroidery, screen printing is also partly automated, but the garments are still manually loaded and unloaded by operators. After the mesh printing process, the garments will, one by one, travel through a tunnel dryer, which is responsible for setting the print.

Cost Comparison

Both methods would differ in cost according to the complexity of the logo and the number of garments.

Generally, embroidery is a cheaper option for smaller-sized and multi-color logos. If you produce less than 100 garments, it would also be more financially-wise to go for the embroidery method since its set-up cost is a flat fee. The estimated cost is also not dependent on the number of colors in the logo, unlike the screen-printing process.

As for screen printing design, if you use colored t-shirts, you must also consider that a ‘base print’ is required because it serves as the undercoat. This will result in an additional mesh screen. However, more colors of your logo would mean more mesh screens, resulting in a higher cost.

If your logo is more extensive and is exceptionally difficult to embroider due to tens of thousands of stitches required, you must go for screen printing design. Hence, screen printing is the smarter choice for large-sized logos and prints.

Benefits Of Using Custom-Printed Promotional Items 

Many big and small businesses worldwide can attest to how effective it is to utilize promotional products for increased sales generation and faster ROI (return on investments). Clients tend to use such products or give them to someone else, resulting in maximum exposure of your company name and logo.

In addition to that, here are some benefits why you should use them for your marketing campaigns:

  • Guarantee Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction isn’t only about providing top-notch products and services. On many occasions, it goes way beyond that.

The practice of handing out promotional products to prospects increases the chance of closing a sale or having an advantage over your competitors. This is because they’ll be more familiar with your company and appreciate such promotional items as genuine gifts.

As for your continuing customers, these promotional items will give them more reasons to continue doing business with you, which is an effective marketing strategy for your business, even if you’re only starting up or you’ve been established for many years. Hence, the best way is to outsource custom-printing and embroidery services to a qualified third-party business that can support you with creative ideas that can result in customer retention. Keep in mind to choose the best professional design for your brand and logo.

  • Helps You Generate Leads

Some businesses use these personalized goods to help them generate more leads. Lead generation requires extreme efforts and numerous strategies, especially if your industry has a smaller target audience.

Some plans could fail quickly, and other ways, like hiring professional lead generators, could entail higher costs for your business. The use of promotional products has a concrete potential to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Most significantly, if your promotional items are useful for your client, they’ll surely add more value to them. However, distributing these items to random prospects is not enough. You need to encourage them to visit your site for more information about your products and services or provide you with useful data, like their contact information and preferences. An example of this marketing strategy is when businesses hand out free promotional products, such as embroidered items, in exchange for surveys and questionnaires.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

As mentioned before, other traditional advertising mediums, like billboards, TV advertising, newspaper ads, and others, require large amounts of money for successful implementations. This isn’t the case when using printed or embroidered promotional products. They’re as affordable as you make them be.

However, it would depend on the promotional item. But, generally speaking, they’re way more cost-effective than other means of advertising. This is because the more volume you produce, the cheaper it’ll be for each product, too. So, if you intend to hold your marketing campaign for a longer time, it’s financially smart to have them produced in bulk.

These items will help you market your brand for several months. You can even launch different promotional items in different seasons and occasions. Having various promotional items will also lure in different kinds of customers. Whether you’d like to have T-shirts, mugs, bags, caps, safety gear, and many more, their costs will fall by the volume of orders. They have a similar role to a business card, but with more value and efficacy to land a client and a sale.

  • Establish A Better Relationship With Customers

One specific point for business success is that they should build a robust network and lasting relationships. Your existing customers will likely recommend your brand to their peers and colleagues if you’ve already developed strong bonds with them. A network chain will connect you to more leads and sale opportunities.

Promotional items will help you establish your credibility and increase your brand image within your niche. If you want to know which items are best suitable for your customers, you’ll need to carefully research their needs and preferences. You can conduct some competitions, seminars, or use social media platforms for broader reach and spread.

Using this approach is a surefire for your business to have customer interactions and will help you know more about your customers.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

People are usually visually-inclined. This means that your clients may be more attracted and intrigued to gather more information about your business when they see the beautiful brand and logo designs embroidered on the promotional products. This will help you market your products and services with minimal effort.

Besides that, choosing essential daily items, like drinkware, writing materials, or apparel will be continuously used by your client, resulting in extreme exposure to hundreds of people.

Your customers will be able to recognize your brand more quickly once they see your company’s logo. This marketing strategy has always been an effective way to retain memory for your brand, especially if printed in trendy and useful merchandise.


Whether you just started or are already established, marketing and promotion always play essential roles no matter what scale your business is in. Brand promotion has ever been proven effective and is more affordable than other advertising mediums. Take advantage of the benefits and the value they’ll provide for your business, such as generating more leads, closing more sales, retaining brand awareness, building lasting customer relationships, and increases customer loyalty.

With minimal investment, your business will thrive through the help of personalized printed promotional merchandise.