7 Facts on Professional Brand Design You Need to Know

Some people confuse a logo with a brand, but the fact is that a logo is only a part of a brand. Apart from the logo, a brand is also represented by the packaging of the products, the typography, as well as the overall personality that the company aims to exude. However, it should be noted that a brand is quite intangible because of the emotional, visual, historical, and human aspects that there is to it. In line with this, below are some facts about professional brand design that you need to know.

Fact #1: Market and user research is mandatory before you begin designing.

One of the primary things that you need to know when it comes to professional brand design is that you need to perform market and user research before you begin working on your brand design. The information that you will garner from your research activities will help you immerse the future environment of your brand. This means that you need to scrutinize the brand of your competitors and learn from their mistakes.

Fact #2: You need to create a memorable logo.

While the logo is not the entirety of a professional brand design, it is one of the most important elements of branding. According to the digital experts in logo design Brisbane designers acknowledge the logo that you come up with needs to be memorable because it is the core component of your brand that people will be exposed to the most. It should be able to create a positive feeling overall to your audience, such as nostalgia or laughter, enough to trigger a strong emotional response.


One of the best practices when it comes to creating a memorable logo is by opting for a simple one that is easily recognizable. The reason behind this is that when your logo is simple, it becomes more of an open canvas that your customers can fill with positive experiences. In parallel to this, it will also be easier for you to scale between different mediums when you have a simple logo. Just remember to employ professional typography as well because the font that you go for can also have a significant impact on how users perceive your logo.

Fact #3: Clear purpose and positioning are important in your brand design.

For you to be able to come up with a memorable logo, you need to have a clear purpose and positioning. The latter pertains to the reason why your brand is existent, while the latter is defining who your product is for, as well as why it is better among your competitors in the field. These are important factors that will better guide you when it comes to designing the logo of your brand.

Fact #4: Compelling color graphics will go a long way.

The color that you go with, not only for your logo but for your overall branding, will have a significant impact on your audience. Keep in mind that each color represents a certain emotion. For instance, blue can signify calmness, while red and yellow indicate energy and passion. You can also play with lighter and darker shades. Blue mixed with white to make it lighter can convey tranquility, while blue mixed with black to make it darker can signify trust. In professional branding design, you can touch the emotions of your audience based on the color palette that you use, which is why compelling color graphics will go a long way when it comes to building your branding.

Fact #5: You need to make a great first impression through your brand design.

A professional brand design will pave the way for a great first impression that is imperative if you want to gain a fair share of the market. Always remember that a company branding that is well-thought-of will prove to be sufficient enough to keep a customer hooked. Thus, make sure that your branding accurately represents who you are and what your business is about. This is where getting professional help is recommended because they will be able to take the key messages of your business and transform them into a visual icon that will be able to create an outstanding first impression.

Fact #6: Your brand design is the identity of your business.

With a professional brand design, building your business identity will prove to be more effortless. Just keep in mind that all aspects of your branding should be done in conjunction with each other for you to be able to come up with a cohesive design that your target market will be able to instantly recognize. In this case, you can start with the creation of your logo that is one of the key elements that will tie your brand literature, web presence, as well as your corporate graphic guidelines together.

Fact #7: A professional brand design can help increase your revenue.

An exceptional brand design will help your business project a professional image. With a more professional look, your target audience will most likely put their trust in your brand. When they do, there is a greater chance for you to gain a fair share of the market and eventually increase your revenue. The great part about this is that this also paves the way for your business stability and, eventually, business growth. As a result, you can realize a positive return on your investment and perhaps even surpass your expectations.

Make sure to exert the extra effort in crafting your brand, which includes researching the market beforehand, as well as coming up with a memorable logo. It is also of equal importance that you have a clear purpose and positioning implemented in your brand design, as well as compelling color graphics that will prove to be beneficial.


Keep in mind that you need to make a remarkable first impression because, after all, your brand design is the identity of your business. In the end, there is a great chance for you to gain a fair share of the market and increase your revenue through a professional brand design.