Beautiful Illustrations with Inspirational Quotes by Aiša

Germany based Aiša is a HR student and self-taught artist. We coincided with her charming sketchbook photos on Instagram and wanted to know her better and had an online interview with her. We wondered about how she started painting and she replied us as follows; “I was always very “artsy” and loved painting and drawing but I really started to get into it in 2014. That’s when I started journalling and my journey on Instagram. Ever since I have tried different art styles and mediums – that’s how I discovered gouache and digital art for myself and developed my own style”. She both handpaints and creates digital art pieces. She often includes an inspirational quote or saying to her journal style works, generally beside a floral design or a portrait. We asked her to describe her own work and she told us that; “I find it hard to describe my own art – it’s a lot of trial and error. So whatever you see of my art, I probably didn’t plan it to look like that!”. She explained her inspiration for creating this art with these words; “My main inspiration is nature and photography! I love scrolling through pinterest and tumblr to get inspired but walk in the nature are a great way, too.” You can find her designs as prints, journals, calenders and some nice stickers to spice up your laptop, diary, book or suitcase in her Etsy shop. Here you can see some of her brilliant illustrations with inspirational quotes to live by.