How Can You Become an Artist?

If you thought that an artist should be born, and they teach you to draw beautifully only in childhood, then you were wrong. Today it is possible to awaken your talent even without finishing art school. The main thing is to constantly practice and listen to the advice of masters.

Artist – a person who is engaged in art. Different types of artists through different images convey their thoughts and feelings.

Who is an artist by profession

An artist is a creative person. Inspiration and desire to create live in him. But if a person calls art his profession, then his goal is to make money with his talent.

Courses for all ages. Now many teachers arrange express occupations. You can find both individual and group courses. As a rule, there are no age restrictions, and professionals teach anyone who wants.

So, where to go to study, if you want to become an artist:

  1. If you go to school and finish at Grade 9. There is still an opportunity for you to enroll in an art school. Many of them accept children under 16 years old. Look for those closest to home and see if they are ready to take up your studies. However, there you will need to study many subjects in addition to art studies, so paper writing service can help you study.


  1. Courses for all ages. Many teachers are now offering express classes. Individual, as well as group courses, can be found. As a rule, there are no age restrictions and professionals teach anyone.


  1. Masterclasses. Pretty common to date, the option of teaching art. There are many people who are ready to pass on their experience during individual meetings. It can be like one-time meetings when you come to the studio and paint with the artist you like the picture or systematic long classes.

Artists can be different and they are also involved in different directions. Let’s talk briefly about each of them.

What kinds of artists exist?

Copy painter. Creates copies of paintings by famous artists, works in the workshops where the order of such works.

Caricaturist. Creates cartoons on different people, life situations or political situation. Most often works in publishing houses of newspapers and magazines, in advertising.

Artist-illustrator. Engages in creating illustrations wherever they are needed. Can work in a book publishing house, and in advertising, and the implementation of the cartoon, and in computer graphics.

Graphic artist. Creates graphic images, mainly using a computer. Works in publishing houses, more often it refers to designers.

Artist-restorer. Specializes in the restoration of objects of art. He is sometimes classified as an employee of museums and scientific organizations.

Artist-modeller. Engages in creating sketches of clothes and shoes. Works in factories, fashion houses, ateliers.

Artist-jeweler. Produces various jewelry and costume jewelry. Works in jewelry salons and jewelry factories.

All the artists are united by the talent and a non-standard view of life. Some can be inspired by the evening sunset, and others – carelessly hung rag on a chair.

How can an artist become famous

In the 21st century, fame comes to almost all creative people through the Internet. First, you can try to create a page on Instagram. This is the most appropriate way to advertise yourself and earn money selling paintings.

Look for contests for artists on the Internet – there are quite a few of them now: free and paid. Somewhere for the victory is given an impressive cash prize, and somewhere they give interesting and valuable gifts, such as certificates for training in various art and design schools.

There is a site that guides all creative people in the 21st century:


You can upload your work here. The site is suitable for artists, designers, and photographers. It is essentially a place for various proposals. There is a good chance that a customer will notice you there and offer to work on some projects.