Galleria in Gwanggyo – Mosaic Facade and Opal Windows – Designed by OMA

“Architectural Designer OMA is an international practice operating within architecture and urbanism,” and they’re responsible for this beautifully artistic building. Dramatic opal windows disrupting the natural-stone mosaic facade of Galleria shopping center turns out to be inspired by “the nearby Suwon Gwanggyo Lake Park, an urban green space that surrounds a small body of water,” Oma shared. The building is located about 25 kilometers south of Seoul, in the city of Gwanggyo. Designed by Chris van Duijn, the neutral-toned stones of the facade are cut into exact triangles of different hues and orientation. The rooftop garden gives it a complete look, for a structure that is used for shopping and cultural activities open for the public. OMA is also responsible for the New Museum in New York City. Transforming it into a 60,000-square-foot structure made of laminated glass and metal mesh. Architectural Designers from OMA were this year’s nominees for Golden Amsterdam Architectural Prize 2020 for their work on ‘nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel’. Continual progress and evolution are evident, and we can’t wait for their next endeavor.

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By one of the worlds best architectural designing companies – OMA (Chris van Duijn)

Galleria shopping center in Gwanggyo, South Korea

Ornamenting the entire city

The gallery is open for shopping and public cultural activities

This is how it feels walking next to these marvelous opal windows from the inside

There’s also a rooftop garden as a cherry on top

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