From Meditation to Serene Forest Paintings by Tomas Sanchez

Meditation. The word, a sensation, the world that moves inside of the mind of Cuban multitalented artist, Tomas Sanchez. Born on May 22nd, 1948, from his early age Tomas was destined to be a great artist. He graduated from the National School for the Arts in Havana in 1971. The same year he won the first prize in Graphic Art from the National Young Artists’ Salon. In 1980, he was awarded the XIX Joan Miró International Drawing Prize for his piece Desde las Aguas Blancas which catapulted his career internationally. Through the years he had obtained world-class skills in painting, engraving, sculpting, and photography. Cuban veteran, the visual artist, designer, meditator, and nature lover, had spent 3 decades painting landscapes of serenity. Nature’s beauty, waters, forests, flourishing greenery with a strong sense of peacefulness. “The interior spaces that I experience in meditation are converted into the landscapes of my paintings; the restlessness of my mind transformed into landfills. When I paint, I experience meditative states; through meditation, I achieve a union with nature, and nature, in turn, leads me to meditation.”

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Cuban painter Tomas Sanchez

Photo credits: Tomás Sánchez

“Aislarse” from 2001, acrylic on linen

“Atardecer,” acrylic on canvas, 109.9 x 149.2 centimeters (approximately 43 x 59 inches)

“Llegada del caminante a la laguna” – from 1999

“Meditación y sonido de aguas” – from 1993, acrylic on canvas 60.5 x 76 cm (approximately 24 x 30 inches)

“Orilla y Cielo gris” (1995), acrylic on canvas, 23½ x 35½ inches (approximately 59 cm x 90 cm)

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