Girl From Latvia Rescued More Than 350 Homeless Cats in Last 2 Years

Cat care community just got an exceptional new volunteer and her name is Zanda Indriksone. This caring young lady has saved over 350 homeless cats during only last 2 years. Everything about cat’s nature and health she’s learned from her own experience and now she has become a part of non-profit cat protection organization mentioned above which are building wooden houses for homeless cats all around Riga and other Latvian cities. As Zanda said: “For example, I am going down the street – when I see a cat, I just can not pass away. The first thing I do is take the cat to the vet so the vet could check cat’s health and determine cat’s age.” Other volunteers also started to help by providing temporary homes for cats where kittens stay for few days if they’re healthy and in just a half an hour they can be provided a new home. “The longest time cat spent in a temporary home was about a month, but this when cat required special treatment,” explains Zanda.

via (boredpanda)

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