Dramatically Beautiful Female Portraits by Andrew Atwell

Andrew Atwell is a photographer, filmmaker and creative-director based in Madison, Chicago. After Law School he pursued his passion for film, moved to Los Angeles and worked for various production companies. He eventually returned to the Midwest and focused on editorial and fashion photography. Besides, he has spent the last 10 years running freelance productions for a handful of international NGOs and adventure/climbing companies, including Operation Underground Railroad, Ian Taylor Trekking, 4Africa and Fields of Life. From documenting an arctic expedition across Greenland, to capturing stories of children rescued from sex trafficking in the slums of Mumbai, he’s had the privilege to work with many creative people all over the world. He loves working with talented models and artists to capture beautiful and imaginative images. He is always excited to work with new and creative people. He attracted us with his breath-taking female portraits each of which reflects pure perfection. His feed on Instagram is full of dramatically beautiful female portraits that you’ll fall in love immediately. Just take a look at them and share your opinions with us.