Hippie and Bohemian Home Style by Andrea De Groot

Andrea de Groot is a passionate vintage chick who likes to be an entrepreneur. She has had many careers in her life and she has done all of them with enthusiasm. Nowadays she is mainly working as a content creator, blogger and Instagrammer where she now has more than 100K followers. She lives with her husband, son and animals in beautiful Dordrecht, The Netherlands, but she is originally from Limburg. “I feel like Pippi to Granny. My interests are broad, so I know a bit about a lot… Personally, I am in favor of spreading a little love, this may sound fuzzy to your ears, but by this I mean that a smile or friendly word costs nothing and can really make a world of difference. Actually, I am a flower child. Love life and love. I am also superficial, but there is no depth with everyone. A flaw.” she tells about herself. We’ve found her decorator aspect extremely appealing and decided to share her charming home style with you. She is a free soul and that’s why she adopts hippie & bohemian style for her place which is reflected in every detail that you can notice in the photos. From her cozy livingroom to her garden, bedroom to kitchen, her extraordinary imagination and talent for blending different styles can be seen apparrently. To make the long story short, we handpicked some of the best photos showcasing Andrea’s impressive home design and decoration. Scroll down to get inspired!