Skillful Bakery Chef Creates Unique and Imaginative Cakes

Marcela Eguiluz Cuen is a self-taught baker who wants to inspire the world with her life-time baking journey. She has been baking for 11 years now and still learning day by day and challenges herself by trying and generating new recipes. When asked about her signature cake, she replied as follows; “The art expression in many different techniques, fondant is my strongest technique and I love to combine with painting, sculpting and different materials to get realistic results.” She also frankly reveals her secrets for baking; “Measure everything by weight always! That ensures quality. Find recipes that always came right! Never give up! Keep trying until you get it! And enjoy what you do! Work with passion makes everything possible.” It is almost impossible not to fall in love with her cakes, as each of them look like masterpieces and they are too beautiful to cut into slices. We handpicked some of her best cake designs for you and listed our favourite one on the top, a horse painted on a cake and getting a sugar cube. It is so realistic, don’t you think? Scroll down to see all her creations then let us know about your favourite one.