3D Animal Tattoos by Sven Rayen

Sven Rayen is a talented tattoo artist from Belgium, recognized for his phenomenal geometric tattoo work. He usually does 3D animal tattoos made in black ink and attains breath-taking results. He achieves incredible 3D effects by creating ‘blocky’ bodies. Currently, Rayen works on his geometric style tattoos and illustrations in a private tattoo shop based in Antwerp, Belgium, called ‘Studio Palermo,’ alongside with his talented colleagues. As the artist says: “All designs are custom made with love,” and Sven’s beauty in blocks is true work of art forged from passion and love, which you can follow as its list grows greater through his Instagram page.

Incredible 3D effect.


Looks like it will jump out any moment.


With an extra touch of realism.

Watching you…

Scary good.

Adorable Dambo.

Cute walk.


Fabulous in color.

Might attract unwanted friends.

Origami style

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