Meet Louboutina, a Golden Retriever Who Loves Hugging Random People

If you’re feeling lonely on this year’s Valentine’s Day and you need a hug, well no problem, Louboutina, the adorable golden retriever from New York will take care of everything. This beautiful celebrity dog is known for hugging random people on the streets of New York every time she’s on her walk. “A lot of people say she’s made their day… Like, if they had a bad day at work, maybe that’s just what they needed,” says Fernandez-Chavez, her owner. The whole thing started three years ago on Valentine’s Day when Louboutina’s owner broke up with his girlfriend. He was heartbroken and this adorable retriever started to hold his hand. Shortly after, she managed to stand up, and wrap her paws around him. Truly a wonderful story. For more photos of Louboutina, follow her on Instagram here.

“Come here, hooman!”

If you had a bad day, just hug it out with her.

Just beautiful!

Hugging makes her happy.

People from New York love her!

She’s a true hugging machine!

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