20 Awesome Capricorn Tattoo Designs and the Sign’s Meaning

Tattoos are one way to create a silent statement about a person’s life or personality, and one of today’s latest trends is zodiac sign tattoos. And for Capricorns, we compiled 20 awesome capricorn tattoo designs and the real meaning of the sign.

They say that Capricorns are diligent and responsible. So when it comes to inking, Capricorns might be the most trustworthy people at researching on what tattoos will best fit our style and personality. Many Capricorn designs involve the gothic recreation of the goat with the long tail of a mermaid. Some even go for the Capricorn star on their wrists or arms. Others like their Capricorn tattoos more medieval-like, showing more of the frontal side of the Sun-Goat. For those with the chick type of personality, they usually opt for the less goat-face and more of the mermaid type.

Every zodiac sign has a meaning behind their symbols. For Capricorn, it is a hoofed goat-like animal with a tail of a mermaid or a fish. It is called a Sun-Goat and is an earth sign. Being an earth sign, Capricorns focus on reaching our goals and making our dreams come true, making them grounded. And just like a goat, Capricorns are hardworking people, making us accomplish all our tasks on time, and we have a clear path on what is the next step on making their dreams come true.

The mermaid or fishtail-like figure of the Capricorn means that we can be imaginative and creative towards doing our tasks. We can go all the way to the mysterious unknown to be able to accomplish our work and focus on the next things on our to-do list. For Capricorns, we are overachievers who only want to do our best in everything we do so that we can do more for our lives and our loved ones.

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