Meet Gita, a Robot Designed to Follow You Around and Carry Your Personal Belongings

We all grew up watching Star Wars and fantasizing about having our own personal R2-D2, C-3PO or BB-8, but unfortunately, something like that was simply not possible. Up until now! Piaggio Fast Forward, a company from Boston, managed to produce something similar. Meet Gita, the robot that was designed to carry your stuff around by rolling anywhere you may go. This cargo-bot is designed to also be your personal assistance robot. This handy little robot is completely rechargeable and independent. It can even locate and track down home all by itself. People from Piaggio Fast Forward believe that in the future it might be able to walk the dogs and carry heavier materials. This robot is already helping with mail and deliveries. It uses vertical rotating axial wheels, which means that the storage compartments are always in an upright position as the wheels rotate. This basically means that fragile contents will always be protected. Pretty awesome, won’t you agree?

The perfect little helper.

This droid would solve all of your transportation problems.

Gita is a loyal follower.

It rolls around like BB-8.

It has a lot of storage space.

It follows you everywhere.

If you stop, Gita stops too.

The compartment is always in an upright position.

Distant relatives!

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