Gifted Photographer Captured his Depression in a Dark and Stunning Fashion

Depression is a serious mental condition and when it occurs, some people simply can’t find a way to deal with it properly. This is very unfortunate because these people are condemned to suffer longer than the people who know how to channel that depression. Swedish photographer, Gabriel Isak, managed to do exactly that. He transformed his depression into a breathtaking and compelling series of images called The Blue Journey. He creates stunning photographs by combining minimalist themes and dark symbols. With his work, Gabriel managed to touch thousands upon thousands of people worldwide. He even had successful exhibitions in San Francisco. Pretty impressive. If you like Gabriel’s work, make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

Depressed people sometimes feel like they’re drowning.

Or like they can’t see the way out.

Black beauty.

Feeling blue.


Mesmerizing colors.

Finding yourself is hard.

So powerful.

Truly poetic.

Perfect composition.

Bathed in the moonlight.

via (mymodernmet)

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