Talented Photographer Alex Mari Tells Your Wedding Story Using Her Camera

Based in CA and DC, photographer Alex Mari defines herself as “a woman with a camera and a massive heart for artistic expression”. She is an award winning photographer seen in Washington Post, Martha Stewart, GWS, Weddings Mag, and has a unique style for documenting your dream day. As she explains; “Photography is my way of telling stories in their most honest form. There’s a special magic to an image filled with story and nostalgia – it doesn’t even have to be a perfect photo, it just needs to give you a feeling. A feeling you can’t shake, and that you don’t ever want to. That’s why I do this, and why I’ve shared this passion of mine by documenting human connection for the past eight years.” She also states that; “I’m also head over heels in love with light – the way it interacts with the world and can bring the corner of a plain bedroom to life with glowing streaks and warmth, or how it illuminates the sand below a wave and sparkles off the water’s surface.” She is one of the most creative and inspirational lenses we have ever seen and her uniquely impressive style is what makes her photography outstanding. We’ve selected some of the most beautiful wedding shots of her to give you ideas for your own wedding day. Hope you like them as much as we do.