A Police Officer Saved a Scared Sloth That was Trapped on a Highway

One police officer was having a pretty usual day, he was in his car patrolling when he stumbled upon something odd on the side of the road. He immediately pulled over and saw a sloth, holding onto a guard rail. Little fella was trying to cross the road during the rush hour, but he was too slow. He got scared and grabbed the rail, trying to stay away from the moving vehicles.  Who knows how long was this adorable sloth holding on to that rail, before the police officer came around. Noble policeman gently grabbed the unfortunate animal and instantly drove this little fella to the vet. The sloth was perfectly healthy, just a little bit scared, so it was quickly returned to his natural environment – nature. These heartwarming photos below will show you how it all happened. We can only hope that people will follow the footsteps of this  generous officer and help innocent animals in their time of need.

“Do you need help there, buddy?”


A sloth in his natural habitat.


The sloth was pretty scared.


But he was brave enough to smile.


Finally, he got home. Good luck little fella!

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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