Elena Efremova Uses Coffee in Order to Create Amazing Illustrations of Cats

Drinking a cup of coffee is a simple daily routine, right? Well, for most of the people it may be a routine, but for Elena Efremova, it is also a form of art. This talented Russian illustrator creates amazing drawings out of coffee. These adorably drawn cats look like they’ve crawled out of Elena’s mug. The details on these illustrations are amazing. Each and every cat on Elena’s drawings has it’s own, unique personality and that makes this beautiful series of illustrations more special.  If you love cats and coffee, well these drawings are perfect for you collection. After seeing these stunningly detailed paintings, one thing is for sure, drinking coffee won’t be the same anymore. Check out Elena’s drawings here below and if you want to see more of her fantastic work, you can visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sleeping with one eye open. 


One more sleepy kitty.


Coffee is love.


Incredible details.





A perfect morning.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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