DIY Dollhouse Door – Electrical Power Outlet Decoration

Cristina (Cristinaf on Imgur), took this isolation period to express her creativity by starting a DIY project. The dollhouse doors that cover the electrical power outlets in her house have been praised over and over again by the Imgur community. Her miniature creations come as classic wooden suburban home doors, with handles painted gold as a modernized rustic affair, and a top above the door in a shape of a triangle. “My house is full of cute and creepy décor,” Cristina says. “I purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale. I needed to carefully take them apart and reassemble them, as all dollhouse doors open in. You may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing. I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily. Make sure you don’t glue the door shut! Lastly, paint as you like, and add details and hot glue to the existing outlet plate.”


Photo credits: Cristinaf

Cristina found her inspiration during the lockdown

Now, her inspiration has brought her fame on Imgur

People especially loved this tiny detail to already perfect decoration

Cristina’s brilliant post got her 3,500 points with almost 140,000 views in one day!

Cristina “purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale,” to start this DIY project

Many have replied that they’ve started doing the same thing at their homes, while others offered even more suggestions like adding windows and balconies… One thing’s for sure, these doors are absolutely brilliant!

via [boredpanda]