Symbolic and Flower Tattoos by Bob Queiroz

Bob Queiroz is a tattoo artist born in 1984 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He became a tattoo artist in 2002 before he even had a tattoo. Currently, works at Led’s Tattoo in Moema.  Stunning mandalas, roses are his trademark, done usually in black ink but works in color too as you can see in his phenomenal color rose tattoo below. Complex, detailed and charming, his work mostly adorns women looking for beautiful flower or mandala skin ornament. He has done illustrations for the brand of MCD clothes and made a collection of backpacks for the company Sestini. When he’s not working he’s a classic nerd that’s today’s favorite. An unconditional Star Wars fan and coffee addict who enjoys watching House M.D. and criminal minds and YouTube a little too much.

Well designed


Origami crane

Just beautiful!

Another phenomenal mandala

Simple but cute as hell

Fantastic vision

Captivating and wicked

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