Adorable Family of Pets Takes Good Care of the Little Baby Boy Named Sonny

Growing up surrounded by animals is always a good thing, but this young fella has his own furry army. Kasey Boggs, the mother of this adorable baby says the animals looked like they were expecting Sonny, her son, to arrive. They had a deep connection right from the start. Four rescue dogs and a cat named Mia accepted him as one of their own and they’ve been guarding him ever since. Roxy, Edith, Rosie, and Jake, the four faithful dogs are always by Sonny’s side. Whenever little fella cries or needs a diaper change, the whole gang is there. Sonny is happy to when they’re around. If you like this adorable little family, make sure to follow them on Instagram here.

The gang!

They love to pose!

Mia and Sonny.

Just fabulous.

Safe and sound.

Guarding his boy.

The smile says it all.

Another funny photo session.

The whole crew!

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