Flawlessly Inked Spiritual Tattoo Designs by Balazs Bercsenyi

Hungarian artist Balazs Bercsenyi started learning body art at a studio in London at the age of 20, then moved to New York City and continue his career with Bang Bang crew. Spirituality, geometry, the occult, and sculpture influenced him a lot as he explored his skills to shape his own unique style. He generally designs monochromic minimalistic tattoos as well as larger composition with details. “You could say there’s a spirit of wanderlust and curiosity in my work. I’m not thinking when I design. It’s intuitive and spontaneous.I just listen to my gut.” he says in one of his interviews. What makes him a legend through tattoo-world is his neatly inked line works and graphic innovation. He was one of the most talked about tattooist of 2015 and today, he still keeps his special place among all the best and most popular ink artists. When asked about his future plans, he replies as follows; “I have three main focuses right now: tattooing, temporary tattoos, and building a new fashion line. I also want to sell prints. For me, it’s good to keep changing and evolving. You don’t get bored that way.” Now, let us leave you with our selection of Bercsenyi’s flawlessly inked spiritual tattoo designs.

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