Fine Art Landscapes of Ireland by Max Malloy

Photographer Max Malloy came to Ireland 13 years ago drawn by its majestic landscapes. He never left Ireland and he has found his endless source of inspiration at his new home. Even though he feels like he found love and passion towards nature early in his childhood he still believes the core of his creations is inspired by the people around him and other arts. With a big crush on Irish landscapes, Max started photographing landscapes, enjoying the beautiful ocean presence and grand cliffs with the Milky Way gloriously spreading above. Artist shared his appreciation for wondrous Milky Way under one Instagram photo: “Sometimes it takes hours for your eyes to get adjusted to see that bright cloud called Milky Way. It takes seconds for the camera and once you press the shutter there’s nothing to do but stare up the sky. And then you look on the screen and realize that the cloud you were staring at is the whole galaxy.” For more nature-travel-landscape photography of Max visit his official website, Instagram, and Facebook.


Heaven on Earth – Ireland – by Max Malloy

‘Ancient Tree’


Max loves to photograph the ocean, cliffs, and Milky Way and he has it all in beautiful Ireland

Somebody bit off the roof, must be a chocolate house

Man on the moon

It feels like Max can bring Disney-like sceneries to real life

Splash of color

Via [photogrist]

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